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We are the culmination of many years of experience and work, with the mission to bring innovative technology and intelligence into the maintenance world.

Discover Valuekeep

Our Story

Conheça a nossa viagem do início ao futuro!

icon_Valuekeep is launched

Valuekeep is launched

Valuekeep starts as a new software provider for the maintenance and asset management area, providing maintenance and facilities solutions for many businesses.

icon_Valuekeep as global provider

Valuekeep as global provider

Valuekeep expands into several markets, winning customers, and partners across different regions.

icon_Valuekeep reengineered

Valuekeep reengineered

Built-in a powerful platform, Valuekeep launches the new AI-powered CMMS software to the world.

icon_Valuekeep 4.0

Valuekeep 4.0

Our dream and motivation will lead us to revolutionize the maintenance industry and create the ultimate cognitive and predictive CMMS software.


Global Provider

With the trust of our clients and partners globally, we became a global CMMS software provider with the ambition to make maintenance easier, smarter, and affordable to everyone.

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Our Focus

Our Focus

We’re focused on building the future of CMMS. With the combination of innovative technology and a powerful open CMMS platform, we offer the ultimate CMMS software that is ready for the needs of today and tomorrow.

The Mission

The Mission

With the combination of advanced technology and maintenance know-how, our mission is to provide our customers with the most intelligent, simple and innovative maintenance software that will make maintenance work even easier.

The Technology

The Technology

Our solution is built on modern tech, allowing us to develop a smart Web, Mobile, fully integrated CMMS software. Innovation is at our core, and our solution has evolved into a smarter CMMS, boosted with AI and Machine Learning technology to improve decisions and operations.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

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