Mobile App directed to maintenance technicians

Through the App Valuekeep Technician CMMS it is possible to monitor, consult and report all the work, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Mobile App directed to maintenance technicians


Be in Control of Your Work

With the Valuekeep CMMS app, you have everything you need to get the job done on the go

icon_Access data on the go

Access data on the go

Check information before, during, and after any maintenance operation.

icon_Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

View tasks, report operation time & costs and, view global WO reports.

icon_Improved user experience

Improved user experience

Start doing all the work with a fast, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.

Offline mode

Offline mode

Working underground or where the Wifi or 4G access is poorly, won’t stop you from doing the job. Our app has an offline mode, giving you access to all your work, documents, and asset photos when you need it.

Easy-to-use interface

Easy-to-use interface

The mobile CMMS app was built to support Maintenance Technicians do their work faster, better whenever they are. Also, with a mobile-first approach, getting started won’t be a problem.



The mobile CMMS app has been developed to support all the main mobile providers. Using your smartphone or tablet on iOS, Android, or Windows 10, you can access all your work on the go.



Features designed to simplify your maintenance and increase productivity.

Register all the costs information during and after completing the work. Report on time spent, spare parts consumption, and other miscellaneous costs.

Access all the Work Orders assigned and filter by date, status, priority or even location to manage your work more efficiently.

Spotted an issue whilst perform the job? Simply register a new work order using the mobile app and send it for managers’ approval.

Register the time you spend during a new task by selecting the timer option available on each Work Order.

Access photos, videos or documents attached to the Work Order to support you during the repair.

Record asset failures and downtimes directly in the field, so that your management can receive real-time reports and work on a solution.

Access all your work orders using a calendar view, filter by week, monthly or by priority level, status, location and more.

Access your personal dashboard to consult the status of all assigned work orders and use filters to drill down information.

Use the map view to display all Work Orders on a map and to navigate through Google Maps to the correct location.

When required, you can ask your client to sign-off the work report once everything is completed. That way, you receive your client’s approval and include the information on the operation report.

Once you have completed your work and register all the information, you can generate a digital version of the report and share it with your client, team, or manager by email or message.

Working in locations where there is poor Internet connection is no longer a problem as you can do your job and synchronize all the information to the system later.
Simplify your company's maintenance.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

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