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Why integrate your CMMS?


From sensors, PLCs, HMIs, or another machine system to your CMMS and act on alarms whenever you need it.


By linking your CMMS and ERP, and share the info to your accounting, inventory, HR, or any other company’s department.


By connecting maintenance KPIs data with organization’s main dashboard to centralized information and simplify access by stakeholders.


Get the most out of your CMMS with a full integration

Valuekeep provides a powerful WebAPI used to perform many integration opportunities.

Collect data from sensors, PLCs and HMIs

Automatically detect anomalies by collecting and analyzing data from the most relevant equipment sensors, PLCs, and HMIs. Control real-time equipment usage such as kilometers, miles, or rotations and, condition data such as temperature or pressure readings.

Integrate with your ERP system

Connecting the CMMS to your ERP allow your organization to view information such as operation costs from the maintenance department on the ERP. On the other hand, it also allow your maintenance department to receive relevant information such as spare parts and stock information from other departments in the CMMS.

Share KPIs in your business analytics solution

Visualize your maintenance data and insights across your organization, integrating your CMMS with your business analytics solution. If required, you can also embed this information in your internal website and share this data with your stakeholders.

Some Integration Examples

Sensor data synchronization

Valuekeep has worked on the development of custom integration between Schneider Electric’s temperature sensors of refrigeration cabinets and Valuekeep, allowing our client Group José Avillez to trigger PM based on meters.

Equipment data synchronization

Valuekeep has developed custom integration with SAP ERP for our client General Optica to synchronize all the stores and equipment data between the CMMS and ERP.

Stock data synchronization

Valuekeep has built the integration with PRIMAVERA ERP to send data related to spare parts and stock materials used during operations, allowing our client ASMI to manage and optimize their purchasing requirements.

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