What are the benefits of CMMS for the construction industry?

What are the benefits of CMMS for the construction industry?

Construction is one of the most complex industries and, regardless of the scale of the project, there are many moving parts and dozens of processes and guidelines to consider. The last thing a construction company needs is to worry about its machines and vehicles being unavailable and unexpected breakdowns. Therefore, the implementation of a CMMS solution should be a priority for every company in this industry.

Maintenance management software (CMMS) centralizes and simplifies maintenance activities and helps companies manage equipment and assets such as machines, vehicles and infrastructure.

Advantages of CMMs for the construction industry

Considering the demands that construction projects place on equipment, the maintenance solution has a particularly important impact on the return on investment. By streamlining maintenance processes and centralizing all data on a single platform, it is possible to have a clearer and more detailed view of asset performance and, consequently, make better decisions regarding their replacement or repair.

Below, we highlight some benefits of maintenance software for the Construction industry.

1. Maximize return on investment (ROI)

Maintenance costs are one of the determining factors of return on investment in equipment and facilities. Some studies prove that disorganized maintenance operations can consume up to 40% of a facility’s operating budget. However, many managers continue to act in a reactive manner, which in the long run can prove more costly than investing in preventive maintenance strategies.

Controlling maintenance operations efficiently results in greater equipment longevity, i.e. a return on the investment made.

By organizing and streamlining maintenance processes, you get a clearer, more controlled view of asset performance. In addition, breakdowns are less frequent and, if they happen, are solved more quickly.

2. Streamline the inspections process and regulatory compliance

In this sector, it is necessary to maintain compliance with a series of indispensable standards that ensure the safety of employees. Maintenance software allows you to schedule and facilitate the process of inspections by recording in the system when and by whom the activity was performed.

This allows construction companies to prove regulatory compliance through reports on the inspections performed on the equipment.

3. Ensure equipment availability to increase productivity

Having a clear and accurate view of the availability of each piece of equipment is critical for companies’ productivity.

With CMMS software, managers can check if tasks were carried out correctly and within the established deadlines, as well as know if there are the necessary resources to conclude a certain operation. In this way, the maintenance department is able to increase equipment availability time, which results in greater productivity.

Expenses can also be minimized by keeping track of the repair history. This information allows companies to know when it is more favorable to replace equipment rather than repair it.

4. Streamline communication

Using maintenance software streamlines communication between teams, which is key when managing different construction sites. Users can record notes about maintenance work, important asset information, inventory stock levels, and any instructions regarding work orders.

These are just some of the advantages of this type of management solution for companies in the construction industry.

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