A Smarter Choice to Manage Maintenance

Valuekeep is maintenance software (CMMS) with latest generation technology, which allows you to manage, organise and monitor maintenance operations, anywhere. Dematerialise processes and increase the life cycle of your equipment.

A Smarter Choice to Manage Maintenance


The solution that brings you results

Start getting the results you ambition with smarter maintenance management. Benefit from the latest technology and features to give you full access and control of maintenance operations where you are.

icon_Eliminate paperwork

Eliminate paperwork

Put an end to paperwork! With Valuekeep, you can access all the information for maintenance management from a computer or mobile device, wherever you are.

icon_Reduce costs

Reduce costs

By scheduling preventive maintenance operations, you can extend the life cycle of your equipment and avoid unexpected downtime.

icon_Improve data entry

Improve data entry

Transform maintenance data into important information to help manage work processes and improve decision-making.

icon_Enhance productivity

Enhance productivity

Technical teams can check work orders, report costs and spare parts consumption, from the maintenance app available for smartphones or tablets.

Predict & Organize

Predict & Organize

With AI technology, Valuekeep CMMS software uses machine learning methods based on big data for fault prediction, so maintenance managers can organize future maintenance events, prepare teams, and control stocks of spare parts.

Smart reporting

Smart reporting

On Valuekeep CMMS software you can access powerful reports with the KPIs you need in real-time. Compare metrics across time, and filter by events, work orders, costs or SLAs, and more.


Our core features

Funcionalidades desenvolvidas para simplificar a gestão de manutenção e aumentar a produtividade dos equipamentos.

  • Locations, Equipment and Tools
  • Asset Routes
  • Change Asset Location
  • Report Asset Downtime
  • Inactivate Asset
  • Meter Readings
  • Monitoring Values
  • Spare Parts
  • Properties
  • Assign Work Order
  • Execute Work Order
  • Email notifications
  • Report Labor
  • Report Consumption
  • Report Misc Costs
  • SLAs
  • Planner
  • Printable Reports
  • Workshops Control
  • Manage Internal & External Employees
  • Assign Specialities
  • Warehouses Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Parts Entries
  • Stock Control


  • Verifications, Tasks, Plans
  • Planned & Additional Work
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Failures (Symptoms, Causes and Actions)
  • Possibility of Batch Management


  • Free & Unlimited Users
  • Request Service
  • Service Follow-up
  • Accept Service
  • Rate Service
  • Order Manager Profile
  • Backoffice
  • Work Report
  • Meters Readings
  • Monitoring Values
  • Failues & Down Time
  • Work Order Print & Digital Sign
  • Calendar, Dashboard & Map Views
  • Scan tag
  • Offline Mode
  • Background Sync
  • Requests
  • Preventive Maintenance Events
  • Work Orders
  • SLAs
  • Response Time
  • Costs
  • Powerful Insighs
  • Context Side Panels
  • Data Import
  • Workflows Definition
  • Lists Configuration
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Entities
  • Restful WebAPI
  • Sensors and IOT Data (coming soon)
  • MES and SCADA Integration (coming soon)
  • ERP and SW integration
  • Help Center Access
  • Quick Guide
  • Help in Form Fields
  • Support Tickets Included
  • Software Update Guaranteed
  • Notifications about work in progress
  • Notifications about new requests, failures, work orders and alerts
  • Notifications for internal and external teams
  • Available in web and mobile versions
  • Scan barcodes, or NFC and RFID tags to add or filter the maintenance orders list
  • Create QR and barcodes
  • Identify assets and locations with QR and barcodes
  • Create and Print Reports

Attach photos or other documents to your order to make the request as clear as possible.

  • Definition of request types and custom state flow
  • Creation of requests for an WO on the Web and Mobile
  • Request Management (approval, etc.)
  • Consumption registration from the request on the Web and Mobile
  • Work Reporting
  • Work Management
  • Issue Reporting
  • Timer
  • Photos and Documents
  • Failures & Downtime
  • Calendar View
  • Work Orders Dashboard
  • Map View
  • Digital Signatures
  • Offline Mode
  • Photos and Documents
  • Scan Tag
  • Create a new order
  • Order Tracking
  • Dashboard
  • Email notifications Email (nova box)
  • Email and Push Notifications (Web, Mobile)
  • Follow-up messages in Requests and Work Orders (Web, Mobile)

Powerful analysis dashboards including information about:

  • Requests
  • Work Orders
  • Costs
  • Assets

Services that run in the background and perform these tasks:

  • Reschedule Preventive Maintenances
  • Automatic Closure of Requests and Work Orders
  • KPI Recalculation
  • Asset Uptime


Solutions for maintenance reliability.

We offer the best solutions to help you excel in ensuring the reliability of all maintenance operations.

Mobile CMMS For Maintenance on The Go

Working on the go is no longer a problem with Valuekeep. Our Mobile app has everything you need to get the job done in the palm of your hand.

Mobile CMMS For Maintenance on The Go


Find the plan that’s right for you.

Starting Solution







An intelligent maintenance management solution for any size organizations looking to initiate reactive maintenance operations and manage technical teams in the field.
Most used







An ideal solution for any size maintenance teams looking to set up preventive maintenance tasks, create work orders, track maintenance metrics, see inventory levels, and more.
360 Solution

On Request

On Request

On Request

A deeply integrated, highly customizable maintenance solution with tools for advanced maintenance management, reporting, security, regulatory compliance, and more.

* Special price conditions apply to accounts with a large number of users.

Cegid Valuekeep is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

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