Specialized Services for CMMS Success

Our priority is the success of every project and, you can count on a team of experts – and our Partners – to support you from day one.

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Our Onboarding Approach.

Every project is different, but with our onboarding methodology, we can ensure the success of your project in five simple steps.

Business Analysis & Planning

We start planning your project after running a thorough analysis of your business, assets, and maintenance goals that you want to achieve.

Detailed Project Documentation

Your project will be planned and documented to ensure that everything is aligned between both parts and that nothing is missed.

System Configuration

Based on all the documentation and information collected, the system will be configured according to your business requirements and goals.

Tailored Training Services

Once is all configured, we provide standard or bespoke training to show you and your team all the system, features, and best practices.

Rollout Support

Once all it’s done, we support your journey during the first weeks with the solution to ensure that everything is running smoothly and up to your needs.

Training Services

Built to adapt to any company size, you can benefit from three training modules that will bring all the knowledge you need to your business and teams.

Training Services

Remote Training

Start using Valuekeep with our comprehensive remote training session, hosted by a specialist consultant, that will show you how to get started from the comfort of your office or home, saving your costs and time with gathering a multi-site team in just one place.

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Training Services

Onsite Training

With our on-site training services delivered by a team of expert consultants, we will be on your site with your team to provide the training session but also to understand the business processes, goals, and the way your maintenance team operates.

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Training Services

Custom Training

Whether you are looking to have a tailored training course for your team, our experts’ team will carefully design a custom solution to help you achieve your goal.

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Other specialized Services

Data Migration

Save time and effort with your data migration. We can import all your data from an Excel file into the system using a pre-defined template. We will then send you a complete data analysis, migration guidance, and help you populate your Valuekeep data template with useful examples.

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Other specialized Services

Custom Reporting

Looking to create a bespoke report or dashboards? Valuekeep can assist and develop your reports whenever you need them. Just tell us what you are looking for, and our Data Analysis Team will create them or support you with the development.

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Custom Integrations

Need help with the integration of the CMMS with an ERP, Sensor, or any other third-party software? Our team will be on hand to assist you further with the integration development using our powerful Web API (REST) and ensure integration success.

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