What is Preventive Maintenance?

What is Preventive Maintenance?

For a company to run efficiently and profitably, it is necessary to ensure that all equipment is running at 100%. And for this, preventive maintenance plans are fundamental. Without a predefined plan, it is easy to forget important tasks and spend money on superfluous solutions that could be avoided.

What does preventive maintenance consist of?

Preventive maintenance refers to regular and periodic maintenance performed on physical assets to reduce the risk of failure and unplanned downtime of equipment. Such events can be quite costly for companies.

This type of maintenance is only effective when planned and scheduled based on data provided in real time, something that is only possible with the support of a digital maintenance management tool.

This type of maintenance strategy is one of the most used and is located between corrective maintenance and predictive maintenance.

If your company has not yet adopted a preventive maintenance strategy, it continues to act only reactively, which translates into unnecessary maintenance expenses and increases the unplanned downtime of your company’s assets.

How to develop a preventive maintenance plan?

Setting Goals

Before you start drafting a preventive maintenance plan, establish the results you want to achieve by implementing the plan in your company, such as reducing reactive maintenance-related costs by 25% by the end of the year.

Define periodicity and list equipment and materials

The preventive maintenance plan consists of a document created by the maintenance manager, which contains an inventory of the equipment and the periods in which they should be checked throughout the year (weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually). In this listing, the assets are divided by equipment families.

In addition, the maintenance plan presents a list of tasks associated with each of the equipment and the period in which they should be carried out, as well as the resources needed to complete each job, which brings benefits such as saving resources, increasing productivity and equipment profitability.

The main goal of the preventive maintenance plan is to ensure that all listed equipment is properly overhauled in order to keep its productivity at its maximum.

Reviewing the preventive maintenance plan

At the end of each year, the plan should be analyzed by the maintenance manager so that the following year’s plan is based on the performance and tasks associated with each piece of equipment, in order to define the needs for the following year.

In summary, a preventive maintenance plan should include: a list of assets and equipment, standard operating procedures, safety procedures, and the estimated time to complete the preventive tasks.

Importance of maintenance management software for your business

Preventive maintenance operations are essential for the proper functioning of companies’ assets and facilities, as they increase the life span of equipment and reduce the need to invest in new assets.

With the support of maintenance management software such as Valuekeep, you can create preventive maintenance plans and obtain an overview of all the operations scheduled for your assets and facilities, to ensure that they are carried out at the defined periodicity.

Valuekeep CMMS software was developed to allow greater agility and speed in the management of maintenance. Maintenance managers receive push notifications or by e-mail about operations, can access the maintenance history of each asset and visualize tasks in calendar view, which allows them to simplify processes and increase the productivity of their maintenance teams.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

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