5 benefits of CMMS software for Facility Management

Behind the success of companies, there are, of course, Human Resources, but increasingly, we are seeing a path led by disruptive technologies that optimize all the activity of both companies and professionals as is the case of betting on Maintenance Management Intelligence and other innovations that are already part of the daily business activity.


CMMS software is a maintenance management solution that allows facility managers to develop more efficient and intelligent maintenance strategies.


In the CMMS software, you can find a range of data that can be used by various departments to get answers to their questions and make more informed decisions. For example, a technician can find the information needed to solve a problem, without having to stand next to the equipment in question. In other words, this type of solution provides access to real data remotely, whenever and wherever they want or need.


On the other hand, risk management may also need access to a building’s history, to assess the appropriate insurance coverage, and at the same time audit the facility management program. In this case, CMMS software has the capability to streamline processes and integrate advanced facility systems, which provides an unlimited data collection and processing platform to continuously improve facility operations and management.


Of the set of benefits that CMMS software can provide to Facility Management (FM) teams, there are five that we will highlight:


Visibility into assets and workflows


The information stored in the CMMS software database allows building managers and maintenance teams to know exactly when an asset was purchased, the last maintenance performed, the frequency of breakdowns, parts used, asset performance, and more.


In addition, the visualization options can be adjusted so that technicians can assess the status and progress of jobs in real time. Maintenance teams can quickly know where a particular asset is, what it needs, and the deadline for performing the intervention.


Automate tasks


Automating manual tasks such as ordering parts, replenishing inventory, scheduling shifts, compiling information for audits, and other administrative tasks helps save time, reduce errors, improve productivity, and focus teams on maintenance rather than administrative tasks.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance


Sometimes audits can cause disruptions in maintenance operations. To prevent this from happening, CMMS software generates customized responses and reports for audits, which makes this process exponentially easier.


Consistent and streamlined processes


All parties involved can view and monitor work orders in the CMMS software. Information and details about operations can be shared via mobile devices, so there is coordination between work in the field and in work centers. You can prioritize, optimize distribution, material usage, and resources.


Synchronize Preventive Maintenance operations


The centralized information in the CMMS software allows maintenance operations to evolve from a corrective to preventive approach. The data that results from daily activities, as well as from sensors, meters and other IoT instruments, provides information about processes and assets, informs about preventive actions and triggered alerts before assets fail or underperform.


Follow up to the minute everything that goes on your facilities


In the digital age in which we live, it is inconceivable to let information pass you by and not know in detail everything that is happening in buildings. With Valuekeep’s CMMS solution, you can monitor maintenance processes in real time, as well as the daily evolution of operations in different buildings.


Through a cloud solution, available in web and mobile versions, you can view work centers and the respective status of work orders and access a set of performance indicators for each work center.


In addition to the availability, performance, and quality of the equipment, you can follow up to the minute the technicians’ interventions, the stock of spare parts and the time and resources spent on each operation, easily analyzing the history, and comparing results between various periods.


This way, information becomes available anywhere, so you can follow the evolution of work orders wherever and whenever you want.


Optimize the productivity of your building management teams with a solution that offers you:


  • Greater visibility into the status of buildings
  • Increased transparency in access to information
  • Alarm system on events and maintenance requests
  • Increased mobility in information access



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