Cloud maintenance software: the great ally of technical teams

Maintenance Management faces several challenges that can be easily solved with technology. Having an optimized management of these processes is one of the foundations of the companies’ corporate strategy, which enables access to reliable information for quick and assertive decision making. The key to obtain this information is in maintenance management software (CMMS).


Why is maintenance software so important?


Each company has its own specificities, and all of them depend on an efficient asset management to achieve their goals and long-term objectives.


Maintenance software – or CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) – ensures a global control of Maintenance department’s activities. With this digital platform, it is possible to register any information about operations, attach photos or videos, and documents to the records of each asset and update the status of work orders in real time, in the field. All the information recorded becomes part of each asset’s history, allowing for quick knowledge of its performance, the quantity of repairs and inherent costs, useful life and contribution to the company’s profitability.


The access to this platform can be done both through a computer and a smartphone or tablet and allows maintenance professionals the ability to check on a calendar all the operations and the costs associated to each one. Besides the access to detailed information about each equipment, it is also possible to check the stock of spare parts available in the warehouse.


The maintenance software comes up with the goal of increasing productivity and quality of the entire maintenance cycle of companies, in order to become the biggest ally of this department. In addition, it ensures that maintenance operations are carried out in compliance with international maintenance standards and strictly followed by technical teams.


This digital platform is increasingly important to manage the assets and daily processes of Maintenance. The software offers the needed tools for technical teams and maintenance managers to work in tune in the management of operations, improving the results and productivity of both.


What are the main advantages of maintenance software?


  • Decrease of costs associated with asset management

Scheduling preventive maintenance plans on a digital platform, with pre-established deadlines, allows to extend the useful life cycle of assets, avoiding failures and breakdowns that result in higher expenses with their replacement or repair. In other words, it provides a higher return on the investment made in the assets park.


  • Strict management of maintenance plans

Maintenance software plays a key role in planning and scheduling preventive and corrective maintenance plans. Likewise, it allows professionals to rigorously manage all the equipment and assets, controlling the follow-up of the established plans.


  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency

With the integration of all maintenance-related data, this management tool also has a relevant role in increasing the efficiency of maintenance operations and the productivity of equipment and the technical teams.


  • Secure Data for decision support

These management systems, have many intelligent dashboards that contain all the performance indicators. Through these reports, you can get multiple insights, comparing metrics over time, and filter information by events, work orders, costs, SLAs, and so on.


This way, all decisions are made with great consistency, always aligned with the company’s maintenance strategy.


  • Information accessible anywhere

Besides the integrity, the speed to data access makes all the difference. And how much does maintenance software contribute to this? A lot!


Since the relevant data to support management are centralized in the system, they are updated in real time and accessible anywhere, through a computer, smartphone or tablet.


These are some of the benefits provided from a maintenance software to the management of companies, which ends into a clear and detailed vision of everything associated with maintenance processes.


The path to Intelligent Maintenance


The digitalization of processes through maintenance software is a huge opportunity that emerged to shorten the distance between professionals and information.


Nowadays, one of the greatest priorities is the availability of information in real time. The inevitable trend of process computerization that, besides providing the dynamization of routines, both for technicians and maintenance managers, allows tasks automation and facilitates access to data in general.


For companies that already use intelligent performance monitoring systems through IoT, the maintenance software allows to monetize this investment, centralizing the operationalization and the control of all maintenance activity.


With the use of this maintenance solution, any company will be prepared with the necessary tools to make maintenance operations flow the best way.


We can conclude that maintenance software has a fundamental role in modern management, and that technology is one of the greatest accelerators for profitability of a maintenance department.



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