Côte d’Or National Sports Complex in Mauritius now runs its onsite maintenance with Valuekeep

With thousands of maintainable assets widespread on 19 hectares in daily use, Côte d’Or National Sports Complex now guarantees faster response time to maintenance requests and simultaneous registration processes with the support of the Valuekeep CMMS Software.


Located in Mauritius, Côte d’Or National Sports Complex ranks among the top 5 sports hubs in Africa, and it comprises of a multi-purpose gymnasium, a high-performance centre, a gym, an aquatic centre, a football stadium, and an athletics track. With its opening, it was crucial to enhance the efficiency of maintenance workflow with a cloud maintenance management solution (CMMS), and Valuekeep was the solution chosen to meet the challenges that the facilities team face regularly.


With a monthly average of 1,200 preventive maintenance plans and work orders on the table, the largest sports centre in Mauritius implemented Valuekeep, a platform that integrates all the maintenance workflow and provides real-time information on maintenance processes, respecting international maintenance standards.


Instant and swift access to data and well-informed maintenance operations are key factors for a seamless maintenance management, and for this reason, Prakash Goel, Facilities Manager of Côte d’Or National Sports Complex, highlights, “access to real-time data allows us to perform maintenance tasks more proficiently and to better plan future steps to keep the sports complex in top conditions for all onsite sports and entertainment activities. Valuekeep offered us the best functionalities to streamline and improve the productivity of our technical teams.” Compliance with international maintenance standards and legal obligations of this specific sector have been other determining key factors for implementing Valuekeep.


Valuekeep registers and controls all maintenance operations in a centralised cloud environment which is updated to the minute. For more consolidated decisions, maintenance technicians and facilities managers have access to an agile and intelligent tool to monitor on-going tasks and to record information related to real-time maintenance interventions.


With the strategic implementation of Valuekeep, Côte d’Or National Sports Complex has undergone a remarkable digital transformation, ensuring sharper maintenance follow-ups, real-time capture of interventions and benefiting from a registration system with a full-fledge database of all undertaken tasks on the property. The lists of tasks managed by the facilities team is not limited to HAVC maintenance, preventive hazard trainings, deep cleaning, disinfection of venues due to Covid-19, health and safety verifications and others essential activities for the safe and sound operations of spaces.


About Côte d’Or National Sports Complex


As the first steppingstone in the Côte d’Or Smart City, Cote d’Or National Sports Complex is the home of Mauritian sports and entertainment. Rated in the top 5 sports hubs in Africa, this modern infrastructure is the only sports hub in the region to boast a FINA certified 50M swimming pool, an IAAF certified athletics pitch, a FIFA certified football pitch and an Olympic level indoor games gymnasium. Cote d’Or National Sports Complex comprises of 3 main facilities; the multi-purpose gymnasium, the Aquatic Centre and the Stadium, which have distinct venues to accommodate all kind of events.


More info on: https://www.cotedorsports.mu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoteDorMauritius
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cotedormauritius/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/cote-dor-mauritius

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