Tips to save time with efficient maintenance reporting

With so much technology available today, it’s a waste of time to leave professionals stuck in administrative data collection tasks. Learn how to get maintenance reports quickly.


For effective maintenance management, it is important to know the condition of each facility, but also to have easy access to information about all your facilities.


In this article, we will cover the positive impact of having strategic maintenance reporting for organizations. Also, we will outline some ways to improve the reporting process so that your organization and your team can save time and resources.


Regardless of the industry or activity, time is a valuable resource and sometimes seems insufficient to perform certain tasks. Therefore, saving time on tasks that would allow it, is one of the areas in which all companies should focus on.


When it comes to maintenance reports, companies are likely to spend more time than necessary. Firstly, the use of resources such as paper and Excel spreadsheets to manage maintenance may be ineffective and a huge waste of time. These outdated methods can add hours of work to managers and, on the other hand, result in loss of information.


To improve and automate this process, maintenance departments can choose to have a maintenance management software (CMMS). A CMMS software will not only allow maintenance teams to give back some of the time spent on outdated reporting methods, but it will also improve data quality. The ability to automate maintenance reports and filter specific data helps companies make faster and more accurate decisions. The goal is for the whole organization to benefit from this more effective decision-making process.


By preventing this time-consuming process that is easily automated, companies can get better results, make the workplace safer, and achieve a more sustainable preventive maintenance strategy.

Why is digital reporting so important in maintenance?

Maintenance technicians play a key role in recording information. They are the ones who register data about each operation so that, later, the maintenance manager has enough information to make the reports.  However, when the input of this data takes too long, registration is done to the detriment of other priorities, such as solving issues with assets and other tasks. This may result in a lack of information or inaccurate reporting data.


With access to a maintenance management platform, technicians can simplify the information recording process by exchanging paper and Excel spreadsheets for a digital system, also accessible via mobile phone. In this way, registration can be made on the site of the intervention, eliminating the need to complete paper or Excel reports at the end of the day.


Also, maintenance managers are responsible for creating maintenance reports. When this process is done on paper sheets or Excel, it not only requires unnecessary time but also increases the probability of errors or gaps in the reports.


To improve the reporting process, the maintenance software allows you to create digital reports based on the data that has been registered in the system by maintenance technicians. Besides, you can automate the process so you can send the reports to the maintenance manager regularly.

On the other hand, the operations manager needs access to maintenance reports to make important decisions on production schedules, for example. These reports have an impact both on the use of work and on safety protocols. As a result, operations managers need to analyze the information contained in maintenance reports in a fast and agile manner. If this process takes too long, some decisions may need to be postponed and, therefore, deadlines may not be met.


In the maintenance software, the data is more accurate, the reports can be customized, and the information can be accessed in a few moments. Thanks to these features, operations managers can be more responsive, make smarter decisions and create a reliable environment within the facility.

Learn more about Valuekeep CMMS software and access automatic maintenance reports without wasting time. Enjoy the advantages that technology puts at your service.

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