What is the importance of computerizing maintenance processes?

In the search for greater reliability and availability of equipment, the corrective maintenance philosophy is no longer enough. Maintenance has evolved from the concept of simply repair, where one only intervened to remedy the breakdown, to another, more recent concept, where interventions started to be planned with the purpose of avoiding the breakdown, and not repairing it – preventive and predictive maintenance.


Maintenance is a strategic component of the asset valorization program, in any activity segment, in order to ensure its operating conditions. To this end, it is essential to ensure the availability of equipment and facilities with reliability, safety and quality, at rationalized costs. Regardless of the service management model adopted, the results are directly influenced by the strategy outlined, since the maintenance reflects on the organizations’ business areas.


Thus, we highlight the main advantages of structuring the Maintenance role:


  • Logical and consistent coordination of all the organization’s items/equipment;
  • Fast search for items that contribute to a certain role;
  • Registration and analysis of times, costs and maintenance effort, at several levels – equipment, system, large systematic group, whole installation;
  • Achievement of maintenance and performance indicators, at different levels.


Whereas previously the most important thing was the supply of material and labor to guarantee the correction of breakdowns, the priority now is the availability of information in real time. Such need requires a more intellectual and less operational profile for the Facility Management technician, with an intervention at the strategic and management level.


Hence, the inevitable trend of process computerization that, besides providing a natural streamlining of routines, both for operators and maintenance managers, automating schedules and facilitating accessibility to data in general, CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) has a very important role for modern management, which is to collaborate to achieve a greater activity predictability. This contribution to issues, such as rational management of materials, resources, services and costs, provides increased equipment reliability and availability.


The most common functionalities of CMMS software


  • Evaluation of the performance of Service Providers and their contracts;
  • Registration and management of maintenance items and resources;
  • Creation of preventive maintenance plans;
  • Programming of interventions (systematic, conditioned, corrective);
  • Registration and control of maintenance requests (from approval to completion);
  • Generation of reports, charts and indicators (economic, temporal and others).


Nowadays, it is indisputable that, for maintenance to effectively contribute to the success of organizations, and for the organization itself to seek this achievement, its management should be seen as a strategic component of the business system, and no longer be considered a cost-generating area and evolving into a support area that adds value to the business. Additionally, for organizations that want to manage their business in a holistic and strategic vision, there is also the need to implement a facility management system, supported by FM methodologies and platforms.


FM in building and infrastructure management is, therefore, holistic and covers all areas of maintenance, utilities, and facilities’ services (security, pest control, gardening, etc.).


The roles performed by the Facility Management team


  1. The larger the asset under management, the more analytical the maintenance role must be. It is necessary to document the technical inspections so that any occurrences or problems in the facilities can be followed up. Documents, photographs and technical records should be kept up to date in the maintenance categories;
  2. The management of insurance portfolios, and liability insurances in particular, is an important part of an asset’s risk and liability management. Everyone should have processes defined concerning the identification and traceability of public liability issues or accidents. The use of surveillance cameras in common areas also contributes to the assessment of claims and other complaints;
  3. The building’s fire safety systems require specialized maintenance interventions, integrated into the building elements of the fractions and respecting building regulations. They have specific systems, including hydrants, sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire doors, alarm systems, exit signs and evacuation plans. The specialized companies control and maintain this equipment in proper working order;


Source: Pedro Ló, W. Space Facility Management – Valuekeep Business Partner

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