Valuekeep develops plug-in integration with ERP Softland

Valuekeep developed a plug-in to integrate its CMMS software Valuekeep with Softland ERP – one of the most implemented ERP systems in Latin America -, an opportunity that appeared within the scope of an implementation project in Emasal Group, a company in Central America.


In business management, an integration between systems is increasingly an exclusion factor, as it ensures the accuracy of information, in addition to simplifying and speeding up processes.


With regard to maintenance, maintenance management platforms such as Valuekeep are a fundamental tool for managers to achieve better coordination and control of operations. Inventory management, for example, can be a big challenge for maintenance managers, but if the maintenance software is integrated into a platform such as an ERP, it becomes easier to transform information into strategic data, ensuring that the entire information is centralized in one place.


Because of these needs, Valuekeep launches an integration hub – Valuekeep Integrator -, a platform that allows you to create integration plug-ins to share data between any system and/or ERPs.


Valuekeep Integrator brings together a set of fundamental features such as:


  • Scalability – includes new integration processes within existing plug-ins;
  • Simplicity – it is able to work with different hardware systems, different operating systems and several applications;
  • Security – as it guarantees the management and control of access between the different systems and services that use the integration structure.


By integrating Valuekeep with ERP Sofltand, maintenance professionals are able to simplify the management of warehouses, being able, through the ERP, to know the parts that come in to make the respective consumptions in work orders. In this way, processes are accelerated, resources are saved and a more efficient management is practiced, synchronizing the stock consumed in Valuekeep with that of ERP Softland.


Valuekeep consolidates presence in Latin America


Valuekeep continues to be successful in Latin American market, where the business has been growing exponentially due to the company’s great investment in this region. Through the creation of a local representation, Valuekeep has achieved several large-scale projects, winning clients such as Grupo Emasal in Panama, HonduChips in Honduras, Gastronómica Holdings in Mexico, Induagro in Colombia, Inversiones San Gabriel in Peru, among others.


Softland: leader in business management solutions in Latin America


ERP Softland is currently one of the most well-known ERP systems in Latin America. The Softland Group has offices in 12 countries – Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic – and also representatives in Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela.


With a portfolio of 35,000 active clients in Latin America, the company has over 30 years of experience in developing business solutions for companies in different market segments.

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