5 key benefits of a Mobile CMMS Software

Over the years, we have been following the evolution of maintenance management software for more innovative and faster technologies, with advanced functionalities. A clear example of this technological advance is the ability to use the software from mobile devices.


Smartphones and tablets are now some of the most popular devices in the digital transformation era we live in, and offer maintenance teams a more practical and efficient alternative to the traditional desktop computers available in offices, away from the production lines and the field.


Mobile devices contribute to improve data recording and access to information and that applies to all departments in the company, in particular the maintenance department, one that has to travel frequently to perform operations.


In this context, mobile maintenance management applications have emerged, providing an intuitive and fast interface, and they are already indispensable tools for the day-to-day productivity of several companies.


The greater the mobility in the management of maintenance processes, the more likely the manager is to optimize processes, increase productivity and improve the quality of the services provided.


Check below the main advantages of mobile maintenance software to make the whole maintenance management process more agile and efficient.


  • It improves communication


The mobile maintenance app allows managers to issue work orders and transmit information to technicians instantly.


Immediate access to this information provides technicians with a more efficient way of working, as they can view all work orders as they enter the system.


Thus, the ability to access information in real time and anywhere, significantly reduces the time spent managing work orders.


On the other hand, in addition to improving communication between teams, tracking the status of tasks improves the overall efficiency of the department.


  • Allows for Offline Work


The ability to work in offline mode is another key aspect of the mobile maintenance app. Not all facilities where the equipment is being repaired or inspected have an Internet connection. In this sense, it is essential that the app works in offline mode and allows technicians to perform the work and access the software information without any hindrance.


The mobile application stores all the changes made to work orders, asset lists, and spare parts lists on the device in case of network outages. Once the device is connected to the internet again, all data is synchronized to the software via the cloud.


  • Report data in real time


Maintenance routines often translate into successive repairs and inspections throughout the day, and after that, it still takes another hour to enter the data into an Excel file. This process implies that the information is not accessible in real time, due to the time between the execution of the intervention and the creation of the report, and for this reason it loses value.


In this sense, recording data in real time through the mobile application is a key factor for the companies’ maintenance department.


  • Adding multimedia files


Sometimes adding photos to explain a problem during a maintenance intervention is more effective than a text commentary.


This is one of the main advantages of mobile maintenance software: any technician can add multimedia files in a few seconds (image of a mechanical problem, video of a breakdown, etc.), which will complement the intervention reports and allow you to store all the elements on a single platform.


  • Access to real-time information


Another of the main advantages of a mobile maintenance application is that technicians can receive and send all information in real time. In the app, they can edit tasks, consult history of previous interventions, send additional work orders, and see current orders, regardless of where they are.


On the other hand, technologies such as QR codes, barcodes or NFC tags allow quick access to certain precise elements, such as maintenance intervention history, documents, spare parts information, work orders, etc. These technologies provide better access to information and turn mobile maintenance software into a user-friendly tool for all technicians.


The functionality of reading these codes and NFC tags via the mobile maintenance app adds a flexibility that saves a lot of time for technicians in the field.


In conclusion, mobile maintenance software is an indispensable tool to join this digital age 4.0, making processes faster, more agile and sustainable, thanks to features developed to improve the daily work of technicians and maintenance managers.



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