NEINVER Italy and SIT Group choose Valuekeep CMMS to manage assets and maintenance operations

The maintenance of The Style Outlets and the factories of the SIT Group in Italy is now supported by the Valuekeep maintenance management cloud software.


NEINVER – an international, Spanish company of real estate investment, development and asset management, specialized in the retail sector – chose the Valuekeep solution to guarantee the maintenance of The Style Outlets in Italy, a reference brand in this sector.


After implementing the Valuekeep solution to manage the maintenance processes of The Style Outlets in Las Rozas, Getafe, San Sebastián de los Reyes, Coruña and Viladecans, in Spain, NEINVER decided to acquire the Valuekeep maintenance management solution to manage the assets from Italy, namely Vicolungo The Style Outlets, in Milan and Castel de Guelfo The Style Outlets, in Bologna.


In recent years, NEINVER Italia has invested millions of euros in the renovation of the outlets in Vicolungo and Castel de Guelfo, with more than 34,000 m2 and 24,500 m2 respectively, which house hundreds of stores of internationally renowned brands.


Due to the flexibility of the Valuekeep CMMS, the SIT Group also decided to ensure a rapid response to maintenance work in the 3 factories in Italy with the support of the Valuekeep CMMS. SIT is an international company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA) whose core business is the development and production of components for heating systems and smart gas meters (Heating and Smart Gas Metering). This project is still in the process of implementation in Italy and will be extended to more factories of the group in the future.


With several sustainability certificates and more than 50 years of experience in the sector, the company makes constant investments in machinery, equipment, and production tools of the most advanced technologies. In this sense, Valuekeep facilitates and optimizes the planning and execution of maintenance tasks for these assets and, in addition, helps to control the operations carried out by both internal teams and subcontracted technicians.


As part of these two projects in Italy, Valuekeep decided to reinforce the language offer of the maintenance management software. In addition to English, Portuguese, and Spanish, the Valuekeep solution is now available in Italian.


As it is a cloud technology, Valuekeep’s platform is increasingly it’s presence in the international market and in completely different sectors due to the adaptability of the solution to any business.

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