New Valuekeep Analytics add-on: optimize decision

Valuekeep Analytics is a new add-on available in the Valuekeep offer that allows you to efficiently and in real-time analyze data related to Assets, Work Orders, Orders, or Maintenance Costs.


These dashboards help guide any manager in their decision making and in maximizing their results, as well as in identifying trends and monitoring the performance of assets.


Based on Microsoft Power BI technology, this add-on brings to your business the possibility of visualizing data and indicators interactively and dynamically. Through this information embedded in the system, any customer will be able to understand trends through historical data, gain insights and draw valuable conclusions for their business decisions.


KPIs, measurements and reports in maintenance area


Dashboards allow you to generate reports on work, costs associated with maintenance, asset productivity, order status, and much more.


In the case of Assets analysis, managers can access more detailed information about the type of availability of each asset and about the availability/unavailability of each one.


In the area related to Work Orders, the manager has the possibility to control the activity of technicians or work centers, based on information regarding the hours and work orders of each one.


On the other hand, in the Requests dashboard, it is possible to consult the types and status of maintenance orders, as well as view orders by location, asset, and priority level.


In this add-on, Valuekeep also decided to create a dashboard about Costs, where the costs inherent to operations in a specific period are analyzed, but also costs per asset. Here we can search the costs by type of maintenance, and labor, among others.


In summary, this analytical tool has the following advantages:


  • Accelerated decision making for immediate results
  • Information available in real-time and anywhere
  • Immediate access to ready-to-use dashboards by teams
  • Ease of performance monitoring
  • Identification of trends/forecast


Thus, maintenance managers can support their decisions in maintenance standards, through the maintenance of indicators of an analytical tool that monitors the maintenance department.


Valuekeep Analytics is available in Galaxy and Universe Subscription Plans and prices are available on request.


* All Valuekeep Analytics dashboards comply with international maintenance standards (Maintenance Key Performance Indicators EN 1541:2007).


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