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Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company and University of Minho work together to create the basis for the future of maintenance

Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company, is carrying out a Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) project in partnership with the University of Minho (UM), one of the largest universities in Portugal, to create the foundations that will support the future of asset maintenance, equipment, and facilities, supported by next-generation technologies such as Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Analytical Models, Neural Networks, Indoor Navigation, and Remote Assistance.


This pioneering Cognitive CMMS project brings together the Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company, the University of Minho, and the Computer Graphics Centre – a technological hub of the University of Minho specialized in research and development in the areas of Computer Graphics, IT, and Electronics – with the aim of creating synergies between the practical experience held by the technology in the area of maintenance management and the academic knowledge and mastery of emerging technologies, with a view to developing innovation that will dictate the future of predictive maintenance and intelligent CMMS 5.0 systems.


“The goal of this Cognitive CMMS project is to create innovative and intelligent solutions that allow maintenance managers, for example, to have an integrated BIM 6D view of buildings and their equipment, predictive maintenance algorithms that help predict failures or anomalies; Augmented Reality devices for Remote Technical Assistance; mobile interfaces for quick identification of equipment through Indoor Location or IoT technology that allows data collection from low energy devices, contributing to increasing the energy efficiency of companies”, explains Luís Cadillon, responsible for Valuekeep, the maintenance management solution of Grupo Primavera, A Cegid Company.


Besides professors from the University of Minho specializing in BIM and IoT technologies, this R&D consortium also counts on the expertise of the Computer Graphics Center (CCG) in the areas of Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Indoor Navigation, and Remote Assistance.


Miguel Azenha, Auxiliary Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho, highlights the importance of this collaboration with the business sector, reinforcing: “It is undoubtedly essential to expedite the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry. The case of the Cognitive CMMS project is an excellent example of this type of partnership. Our team has been dedicated to digitalization and BIM for more than 10 years, focusing mainly on the design and construction phases. The association to the Cognitive CMMS project allowed us to expand our skills and innovate in the maintenance management field”.


On the other hand, Ana Lima, Technical Director of the Computer Graphics Center, highlights the relevance of applying the most advanced technologies to the service of maintenance, stressing “today there are emerging technologies that can completely revolutionize the activity of equipment and building maintenance, with very clear gains in reducing maintenance costs, extending the lifetime of assets and even optimizing energy efficiency. This is what we are testing and what we want to make available in the near future, something that is only possible thanks to this partnership.


The technology being developed by this R&D consortium is already being tested in a pilot project involving the maintenance of facilities, equipment and assets of the University of Minho, specifically the Social Action services and also ITEC, a reference company in the electronics and automotive industry.


The Cognitive CMMS project started in 2019, was co-funded by the COMPETE 2020, Portugal 2020 and European Regional Development Fund programs, and will end in June 2023. It is expected that all the technological innovations developed under the project will be applied to the Valuekeep maintenance management solution developed by Primavera Group, The Cegid Company, a solution that is currently used to manage asset maintenance operations in companies in several countries, with particular focus on the Iberian, European and Latin American markets.



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