Valuekeep has a new visual identity

The new image represents integration into a large business group, Grupo Primavera, which brings together the best Portuguese and Spanish technologies, which come together to offer the best management solutions for the digital age. 


Valuekeep has just presented a new visual identity, which reflects its integration into Grupo Primavera, the largest group of management software companies in the Iberian Peninsula, made up of 13 Portuguese and Spanish technology companies. The new visual identity, based on a brand architecture with multiple colors and graphics, inspired by nature and tiles – an ancestral Iberian tradition – symbolizes the evocation of the past as a source of inspiration for an increasingly digital, inclusive, and sustainable future.


Together with the new visual identity, shared by the 13 companies, Valuekeep will also use the Group’s new brand signature “Together we Grow”, which represents the great purpose of creating a strong ecosystem, which respects heritage and legacies. of the different companies of the Group, Partners, Customers and the Community, and the union of forces, so that together everyone can grow.


Greater innovation capacity


The Primavera Group currently has 800 employees, 500 business partners, 165,000 customers (of which more than 22,000 are accounting firms), a turnover of 75 million euros and a comprehensive range of management solutions for companies of all dimensions and sectors of activity.


The union between the 13 technologies will be reflected in an unprecedented capacity for innovation. Sharing know-how and knowledge in the latest technologies, namely cloud-native solutions, and creating synergies between teams will accelerate development capacity and guarantee our client companies a faster and more solid adaptation to the digital age.


A closer service


Grupo Primavera has a strong local presence, with development teams in 8 cities in Portugal and Spain, and a strong presence in three African countries: Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, and relevant operations in Latin America. It also has a network of 500 business partners, who guarantee a personalized follow-up to each of our customers.


Leadership in the Iberian market for management solutions


Grupo Primavera, which is supported by the British private equity fund Oakley Capital, also has an ambitious plan for future acquisitions in Portugal and Spain, with the aim of reinforcing its leadership in the market for cloud solutions for business management, constituting as the partner of choice to support the digital transformation of the business fabric.


Learn more about Grupo Primavera.


Together we grow!

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