Valuekeep increases Portfolio with the New App launch

Aiming to complete Valuekeep version 3.0 of the application portfolio and reach all types of users, simplifying day-to-day processes, Valuekeep team launches a new App: Valuekeep Requester CMMS.


This app is aimed at any user who needs to request a maintenance request in the context of work activity.


Through the tools included in the application, can carry out maintenance requests quickly and simply, anywhere and even without Internet.


Some features to highlight:

  • Creation of maintenance requests and consultation of their updated status;
  • Access to detailed information about maintenance requests created;
  • Scan barcodes, NFC or RFID tags to add or filter an order list.


This application is also extremely intuitive and easy to use, communicating in real time with the Valuekeep platform and is currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.



Changing the App name Valuekeep CMMS

A Valuekeep CMMS application will also change the name to Valuekeep Technician CMMS, following the logic that it is mostly used by the users with a more technical profile.


Therefore, this app maintains its efficient operation with the following features:


  • Access to detailed information about all assigned jobs and tasks;
  • Visualization of work orders on the calendar;
  • Registration of costs, time and material consumption;
  • Consultation of user manuals, photographs and other documents attached to work orders;
  • Creation of work orders and consultation of the updated status and their completion;
  • Navigation to work orders via Google Maps;
  • Scan barcodes, NFC or RFID tags to add or filter the work order list.


During 2022, and on a regular basis, new developments that lead to constant improvement and innovation of Valuekeep maintenance management software and applications will be communicated.


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