Valuekeep secures its first customer in Colombia

Valuekeep continues to grow in the Andean region and has now secured its first customer in Colombia. The company Elite Soluciones acquired the Valuekeep maintenance management solution to control and organize the maintenance services provided to its customers.


Elite Soluciones is a company that provides maintenance, cleaning, disinfection and other services, based in Bogota, Colombia. The company has many reference clients in the region, including the National University of Colombia.


From now on, all maintenance services provided by Elite Soluciones are registered and controlled in the Valuekeep cloud maintenance platform. The company’s technicians and maintenance managers have an agile and intelligent tool to control operations and record information related to maintenance interventions in real time. All information is centralized on the platform and is updated up to the minute, to help managers make better decisions.


On the other hand, this management tool has allowed the company to increase the quality of the service provided, as its customers can submit requests and follow the status of scheduled maintenance operations in real time, via the web or the mobile app.


Thus, with the implementation of the Valuekeep solution, Elite Soluciones has taken a step forward in the digital transformation, ensuring a simpler and faster follow-up process and computerizing all information related to maintenance, cleaning and disinfection services, activities that are essential for the safety of spaces and equipment.


The implementation of this project was managed by the partner COGNITIVA, Valuekeep’s official representative in the Andean region.


“Maintenance software is an essential tool for companies seeking to streamline and digitize the maintenance processes of their companies. More and more companies in the region are looking for this type of solutions, which shows that there is a growing concern for the maintenance and preservation of equipment, safety, hygiene and cleanliness.” – Paúl Riviera, general director of COGNITIVA.

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