Maintenance Management

What is Maintenance Management?

The success of business management in every sector depends a lot on how efficient is maintenance management. In factories, hotels, stores, restaurants, among other buildings and facilities, maintenance management plays a key role to ensure the operational efficiency of assets and spaces.


Maintenance management is defined as the process of maintaining the assets and resources of a company, which has as main objective to control and reduce costs, times, and resources. It goes through the regular monitoring of the functioning of machines, equipment, facilities, and tools. This management avoids, for example, production stoppages due to broken equipment and waste of resources in inefficient maintenance processes.


So, instead of being surprised by unforeseen events and technical failures that can impair the company’s workflow, maintenance management allows managers to control all processes so that everything flows as intended and without unexpected failures.


One of the main objectives of maintenance management is to plan and schedule work correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to define the most appropriate maintenance strategies for equipment and facilities, such as Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.


Through these strategies, it is possible to eliminate technical failures and maintain the operation and availability of equipment, machines, and plants.


What are the benefits of Maintenance Management?


Improve operational efficiency 

With normal wear and tear, the equipment can become less efficient. Therefore, proper management of preventive maintenance will ensure the best-operating conditions for the equipment and, also, increase its useful life.



Scheduled preventive maintenance reduces downtime caused by equipment breakdowns. In this way, it is possible to save the time spent on repairs and emergency replacements.


Staff and equipment safety

Through regular preventive maintenance, not only is the operation of the equipment guaranteed, but it is also ensured that it operates under safe conditions. This also results in less risk for technicians who are in daily contact with the equipment.


To simplify this whole process, there is the maintenance management software or CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). The use of these systems is an added value for management, since it streamlines all these processes, centralizing all information, and helping with the communication between maintenance managers and technicians.


The maintenance software allows us to respond to the main objectives of maintenance management, which include programming work effectively and controlling costs and resources to ensure the quality of products and services of the company.

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