What is UX and how important is it?

Incorporating UX Design into the development of digital platforms makes products more intuitive and user-friendly, resulting in a more positive user experience. In addition, it contributes to increased customer loyalty. Learn more in this article.


The growing digitalization of consumers and increased competition in the market, are factors that drive companies to seek innovation to make their products and services stand out. Investing in UX design is one of the most effective ways to achieve this and, for this reason, increasingly important.


What is UX?


User Experience is popularly known by the acronym UX and is a strategy whose actions are intended to facilitate the user experience of a given product/service.


It refers, in fact, to a set of fundamental techniques to build customer loyalty through a responsive, intuitive, and organized design that creates positive sensations in users.


In recent years, the concept of UX has been much talked about and used in the software development area. The idea is that the product should be so responsive that interaction with it is easy and fluid and that it creates the feeling that it knows exactly what the user is thinking.


To make this happen, UX designers look for methods to improve user satisfaction and achieve greater user loyalty, the main ones being:


  • Usefulness: meeting the user’s needs
  • Ease of use: no procedures that make it difficult to use
  • Accessibility: available on all platforms and in multiple languages
  • Attractiveness: value the visual interface, to arouse more interest


Focusing too much on functionality and leaving usability aside can increase the customer abandonment rate. A functional product is not necessarily a user-friendly and responsive product. The functionalities may be very well defined, however, if the software is confusing and difficult to use, the user experience will not be as positive as expected.


What is the importance of UX in Valuekeep CMMS software?


User experience should be a priority for any company developing a product like maintenance management software. After all, if the platform will not provide a simplified experience, through a fast and intuitive interface, the product will end up not reaching users.


It is for this reason that UX makes the customer a key role in software like Valuekeep: by interacting between applications, the product is more attractive and easier for users.


The UX has been used to improve the entry and exploration of Valuekeep by any user, but this type of experience, in the navigation of the product, also allows any user to be informed about a new feature, a new button or any other news.


In parallel, we drive our customers to the Help Center which has new tutorial videos and new content more expressive of Valuekeep’s potential.


We believe that the synchrony in these works, the interconnection between the areas and the effort to improve and evolve the product and everything related to it, will allow all users to have extremely positive feedback!


Explore the intuitive and easy-to-use interface of Valuekeep CMMS software!

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