What is a CMMS software?

What is a CMMS software?

Every maintenance manager must have experienced situations where they have lost track of a work order or could not find the record of an operation they so desperately needed at that moment. CMMS software – Computerised Maintenance Management System – is the solution that eliminates these problems and keeps information about assets and maintenance operations centralised within a single system.

This management platform is responsible for simplifying and optimising all maintenance processes, making it possible to schedule and monitor all operations and keep a detailed record of work carried out.

What are the advantages of CMMS software?

CMMS software does away with the manual paper-based processes that often slow down the business and hamper team productivity. The program gathers all the information about the assets in the system – where they are located, what type of maintenance they need, which technician worked on them and when that intervention took place – and this makes the data more accessible and auditable.

By implementing a maintenance management solution, you will be able to manage all your equipment, scheduling and maintenance, as well as following up all work orders on a single digital platform, simply and effectively. All this produces positive effects on an organisation’s performance.

CMMS software: the key to success for the maintenance department

Access to CMMS software from anywhere

Maintenance managers can add an issue to an equipment record, describe it and assign a work order to a specific technician from a computer or mobile device. When the equipment is repaired, the technician in charge selects the work order as “concluded” and the manager is informed that the task has been carried out, through a notification on the platform.

Maintenance history available

Equally, there are teams that have to manage the maintenance of equipment that is 10 or 20 years old and, naturally, these machines have a long history of operations that must be recorded on the system to help technicians understand how the problem was solved last time. The CMMS software records all maintenance interventions in the equipment’s history, so that in the future, employees can see them again.

Organising operations

To help the department balance the maintenance teams’ workload, tasks need to be well scheduled and organised. For this, maintenance teams must be able to use a tool which helps them schedule and consult all scheduled operations. The software has a calendar which helps users record and consult all work orders, with the possibility of sending alerts to the people associated with the operations.

Every day, issues arise on which a maintenance manager needs to decide. In order to make the right decisions, it is important to be surrounded by as much data and reliable information as possible. Decision-making based on real data produces the best results for the organisation. This maintenance management solution has tools that facilitate this process and provide detailed management reports on the company’s entire maintenance cycle.

Maximum productivity

With this range of tools, maintenance professionals can quickly collect data from the software and synthesise all the necessary information into a single document, reducing the error rate and the risk associated with the actions the company implements.

Valuekeep CMMS is a great tool to include in your maintenance strategy. With this software, you can create work orders in digital format, control and monitor ongoing maintenance operations, create maintenance plans, and handle the work of technicians.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

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