5 reasons why your business needs a software for maintenance

5 reasons why your business needs a software for maintenance

Managing a building, a production plant or any other type of facility is a complex process that influences the entire business. If maintenance management is not equipped with the right tools and preventive strategies, there will eventually be an increase in costs. This is where the advantages of using a software for maintenance comes in.

With each passing year, we see that the digital transformation of the maintenance department of companies is a constant trend and that the lack of control of operations carried out in equipment and installations translates into significant losses for companies.

It is in this context that the importance of using a software for maintenance stands out. The implementation of this software has been growing both in small, medium and large companies, as an essential tool to manage and control equipment maintenance more efficiently. This platform centralizes and makes available all the information in real time and, in addition, provides a considerable increase in the life cycle of the equipment – through the creation of preventive maintenance plans with recurring alerts -, which translates into a significant reduction in related costs. with maintenance.

The benefits of using maintenance software

Maintenance software brings together fundamental benefits for the daily maintenance department of any organization, however, one of the most noteworthy is the possibility of obtaining a global view of the status of all equipment and ensuring the timely maintenance of the most critical assets. .

With the support of this software, professionals in this area can:

  • Consult a calendar with the dates of the operations and the associated costs;
  • Access detailed information on all assets and stocks of spare parts in warehouse;
  • Ensure that all operations are carried out in accordance with international maintenance standards and strictly followed by the technical teams.

5 reasons to invest in a software for maintenance 

1.      Asset and Facilities Management in Real-Time

With the CMMS software, you can create technical records for each piece of assets, with images, technical specifications, certificates, and warranties, among others, to facilitate access to information. This platform also allows you to check the availability of each asset, store records on the maintenance activities performed – maintenance history – and monitor the status of breakdowns.

2.      Preventive Maintenance Plans

CMMS software helps you define tasks and create preventive maintenance routines with pre-established deadlines to avoid unexpected failures and breakdowns. By having a preventive maintenance work schedule, it becomes easier for maintenance professionals to check scheduled tasks and pending work.

3.      Mobility

The mobile app provides the main functionalities of the software from a smartphone or tablet. It allows consulting and changing work order statuses, consulting the agenda and the respective daily tasks, as well as accessing information about the assets simply and quickly, anywhere.

4.      Centralization of information

Technology is increasingly easy to use and there are several possible integrations between maintenance management software and other systems to ensure bilateral synchronization of all relevant company data. You can centralize on a single platform all information about equipment, maintenance plans, tasks, spare parts, and resources.

5.      Digital Reports and Dashboards

One of the biggest advantages of the maintenance software is the possibility to obtain reports about the maintenance costs for each piece of equipment, in a determined period of time, with information about the maintenance request and the time dedicated until its conclusion. The software allows you to create reports with the most relevant data from your company’s maintenance cycle.

The ideal maintenance management platform for you

Software like Cegid Valuekeep allows you to reduce costs of your company’s operations and increase the life cycle of equipment through preventive maintenance. In addition, it reduces unnecessary spending on inventory and purchases, as well as monetizes assets and saves on unscheduled maintenance.

The CMMS solution also enables you to track work status, monitor assets, anticipate problems, and generate corrective and preventive maintenance plans.

These are some of the advantages of using a maintenance management tool, which allows managers and technicians to work proactively and increase the productivity of the entire company.

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Simplify your company's maintenance.

Simplify your company's maintenance.

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