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Last Updated: May 21, 2018


1. General

Valuekeep, Ltd, with headquarters in the PRIMAVERA building, Lamaçães, 4719-006 Braga, is registered in the Commercial Registry of Braga with registration number and VAT number (ID number entity) 513 678 360 with the registered capital of 10.000€.

VALUEKEEP may at any time modify, add or delete any of the Terms of Use of its website (valuekeep.com) by updating the content of this page. The User is therefore advised to visit this page regularly.

2. Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By accessing this website, the user declares to have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Use described below, without the need for any subsequent act or consent.

3. Privacy Policy

Valuekeep will only use your personal data for the identified purposes and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The confidentiality and complete integrity of your data is a constant concern for us. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

4. Cookies

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our site for the first time.

VALUEKEEP uses cookies to:

  • Get to know our visitors and thus improve your browsing experience on the site;
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With the help of these cookies, VALUEKEEP encourages the creation of a relationship with visitors and customers in order to improve their experience and collect data to continue improving their navigation on the site and our products and services.

By browsing this site, you agree to the installation of these cookies in your browser. However, cookie preferences can be cleared from your browser at any time.

5. Copyright

The texts, images, graphics, downloads, audio, videos, animation, and all other information along with how they are represented graphically on the website and in our products are all subject to VALUEKEEP’s copyright. VALUEKEEP does not grant you a license or proprietary rights in the Materials and Information, so you do not have the right to reproduce them for any purpose other than personal use.

Neither the website or portions thereof may be copied, distributed, modified or posted on other sites without the prior written consent of VALUEKEEP.

6. Links to third party pages

VALUEKEEP may provide links to third-party pages on your website. These sites do not belong to or are operated or controlled by VALUEKEEP and, for this reason, VALUEKEEP is not responsible for their content. The use of these links is at your own risk.

7. Website Content Responsibility

Information on this website is provided by VALUEKEEP as is, and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, is provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Although the information is considered correct, it may include errors or inaccuracies, and whenever changed, you will be warned again and you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of use of this website.

VALUEKEEP does not represent or guarantee that the functions or applications available on this website are continuous or have no errors. VALUEKEEP does not guarantee that the server and/or website contain no viruses or other harmful components. VALUEKEEP does not guarantee that materials on this website are suitable for use in other locations or other public, particularly minors or for academic purposes. It is forbidden the access to materials from a territory where the content is illegal.

8. A specific note about the Products available on this Website

Any product available for download, subscription or purchase is copyrighted by VALUEKEEP and/or its suppliers. Use of the Product is governed by the terms of the license agreement to use the respective product. You may not install any Product that is accompanied by or includes a License Agreement unless you first agree to the terms of the Service Agreement. The Product is made available for download exclusively for use by end users in accordance with the Service Agreement. Any reproduction or redistribution of the Product that is not in accordance with the Service Agreement is expressly prohibited by law and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties. Offenders will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible.

9. Discontinuation

VALUEKEEP may discontinue, at any time, the website without prior notice.

10. Disclaimer

VALUEKEEP disclaims any liability for errors that may occur due to system errors or failure (temporary or permanent) of the website, applications or other tools. To the maximum extent possible under applicable law, VALUEKEEP shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of, or inability to use, the website.

11. Under 16 years old

Our website and product or applications are not intended for individuals under the age of 16. We request that children under the age of 16 do not provide personal information to VALUEKEEP through our website, product or application. If we find that we collect personal information from a child under the age of 16, we will take steps to eliminate the information as soon as possible. For any additional information, you should contact VALUEKEEP’s Data Protection Officer at info@valuekeep.com.

12. Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions are governed and elaborated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable domestic legislation.